Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Investment & Philanthropy

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Name: Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Investment & Philanthropy
Type: University research centre
Established: 2001
Location: Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Focus: Research and teaching
CEO: Dr Michael Liffman (Director)
Website: Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Investment & Philanthropy
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Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Investment & Philanthropy

APCSIP is committed to promoting and advancing social investment amongst all sectors in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Established in 2001 as an educational unit focusing on philanthropy, the Centre launched one of the first post-graduate courses specialising in grant making and philanthropic giving.

APCSIP has now grown into a research centre dedicated to promoting capability in harnessing the dynamics of social investment to positively impact upon regional well-being.

APCSIP envisions: an Australia and Asia-Pacific Region that understands the value and dynamics of social investment and is capable of devising and managing innovative approaches for sustaining these contributions.

In pursuit of this, APCSIP encourages learning from and collaboration between various sectors – government, business and community - and contributes to the development of the field of social economics through investigating and advancing social investment from a value-exchange perspective.1


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