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Name: Genevieve Timmons
Associations: Portland House Foundation
The Reichstein Foundation (CEO, 1989-2000)
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Genevieve Timmons is currently Philanthropic Executive with the Portland House Foundation, a giving program of the Portland House Group of Companies. The charter of the Foundation is to benefit people in disadvantaged circumstances.

Genevieve is recognised internationally for her expertise in philanthropy, grantmaking and social investment. Early in her career, Genevieve was the founding staff member of the CERES Project in Brunswick, before moving into the philanthropic grantmaking sector. She draws on three decades of wide and deep engagement with foundations and trusts, as a leader and facilitator of social development. Extensive networks inform her policy analysis and research both in Australia and internationally, particularly New Zealand.

Philanthropic work has been undertaken with over 40 staff teams, boards of foundations and trusts, individual donors and philanthropic membership bodies, including:

      Philanthropy Australia 
      Reichstein Foundation
      Besen Family Foundation
      Foundation for Young Australians
      The Myer Foundation
      Melbourne Community Foundation
      Grenet Foundation
      Fosters Community Grants Program
      Victorian State Government
      Philanthropy New Zealand (NZ)
      J R McKenzie Trust (NZ)
      Community Trust of Southland (NZ)
      ASB Community Trust (NZ)
      Whanganui Community Foundation (NZ)

Understanding the essential elements of grantmaking and innovation is central to Genevieve's approach, together with the ability to recommend according to the readiness and positioning of each grantmaker. Her aim is to build capability with individual donors and grantmakers, and accelerate their progress in establishing technical, creative and philosophical strength in their giving programs.

Genevieve's work typically involves diverse interests and multiple stakeholders, and connections across government, business, community and academia. Mentoring, advice and briefings are often requested, drawing on her first hand experience of global philanthropy and strategies for effectiveness. A professional priority is to contribute to collaboration and alignment in philanthropy, both in Australia and internationally, and to ensure that Australia’s philanthropic sector is recognised for its professionalism and leadership on the international stage.

Professional appointments include:

    Board member Inner North Community Foundation, Melbourne
    Board member Community Advisory Council for the Victorian Community Support Fund 
    Board member Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture 
    Board member Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership
    Trustee with the Hicks Foundation
    Former Board member The Long Walk
    Fellow of Leadership Victoria -1990 Alumni  
    Senior Fellow of the Johns Hopkins International Fellows in Philanthropy Program Baltimore USA

Genevieve is mother of three, and has one grandchild. In all work undertaken, she has a commitment to social justice and fairness, and the vision of a society where the needs of everyone are respected, and their contributions valued.

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