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Name: Goldman Sachs & Partners Foundation
Type: Corporate
Website: GS&P Foundation
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Goldman Sachs & Partners Foundation

The Goldman Sachs & Partners Foundation (Previously Goldman Sachs JBWere Foundation) is a founding member of The Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN), a network of businesses committed to creating positive social change through practical programs in schools in disadvantaged communities. Each year our people volunteer to participate in a series of mentoring and literacy programs. Workplace Giving

Goldman Sachs enables its people in Australia to give to selected charity partners on a long-term, high impact basis where regular salary sacrifice donations are matched by the Firm. This provides an easy, cost-effective means of giving and for our not-for-profit partners a regular source of funding for their ongoing operations and emergency services at no cost to them. Partnering in the Community

In addition to membership of Philanthropy Australia, the peak body for philanthropy, Goldman Sachs partners with non-profit organisations dedicated to alleviating youth disadvantage through a focus on education. Our major grant recipients are: Clontarf Foundation, Hands on Learning, Ganbina, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) and Beyond Empathy in addition to a number of charities with which our people are personally engaged.


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