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Welcome to the PhilanthropyWiki

The PhilanthropyWiki is an online encyclopaedia and archive of knowledge on philanthropy in Australia. Our goal is to provide a first port of call to the philanthropy and not-for-profit sectors, nationally and internationally, on philanthropy, grantseeking and charitable organisations in Australia. Over time we aim to develop this PhilanthropyWiki into a resource that allows philanthropists, grantmakers, social investors and those who are actively engaged in philanthropy in Australia to connect via their experiences and practices.

The development of the PhilanthropyWiki has been made possible with the support of the Macquarie Group Foundation.

Editing PhilanthropyWiki

Staff and Trustees of Philanthropy Australia Members are able to login to add to and edit the PhilanthropyWiki, using your regular Philanthropy Australia username and password. You can change your password at the Control Panel.

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