Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership

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Name: Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership
Type: Government supported
Established: 1999-2007
Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia
Focus: Promotion and support
Chair: (former) Prime Minister the Hon. John Howard
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The Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership was established in 1999 and disbanded in 2007 following the election of a new government. It comprised a group of prominent Australians from the community and business sectors, appointed by the then Prime Minister John Howard to advise and assist the Government on issues concerning individual and corporate social responsibility.

The Partnership’s goals included identifying and addressing incentives and impediments to corporate social responsibility and encouraging a culture of giving in Australia.

The name Community Business Partnership deliberately does not have the word "and" between "business" and "community". Business and community are subsets of each other and are inextricably part of each other. Those who work with the community are conducting business, and those who operate in the business sector (large or small) are part of the community—the broad community and specific communities. Mutually beneficial collaboration between business and community, as well as engagement and participation at an individual level, can provide more efficient and long-term solutions to community issues and build greater social cohesion.

To promote the objectives of the Partnership and the wider spectrum of individual and corporate social responsibility, three strategy streams have been identified—advocacy, facilitation and recognition.

  • Advocacy is the articulation and promulgation of the business case for corporate social responsibility and the community case for individual social responsibility; and promotion of the case for community sector collaboration with business organisations, explaining how to do it, why to do it and the mutual benefits.
  • Facilitation is the provision of information through publications, this website and a quite extensive program of workshops, seminars and conferences. Alliances and networking with relevant Australian and international organisations is part of this strategy stream.
  • Recognition is achieved by promoting individual and corporate social responsibility, including through the Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships.

The PMCBP was disbanded in 2007 following the election of a new government.

The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs now hosts many of the publications produced by the PMCBP.

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